Printing agency

We operate the whole process of design and production in printing services. We look after every order and deliver it directly to the Client on time. In addition, we do care about quality keeping costs at the right level.

One of the basis of our work is cooperation with the Client, to whom our offer is aimed. Furthermore, we do cooperate with advertising agencies, creative agencies and marketing departments of corporations.

Thanks to a long experience, specific knowledge, gathering different orders to join them together and choosing from a wide range of printing solutions we are able to offer highest quality product at the best price available.

Branding and office stationery

Nowadays branding stationery plays a huge role as one of key aspects of brand recognition on the market. It also gives an impression of professionalism and stability. As an agency we are happy to deliver such products to our clients:

– corporate paper
– corporate envelopes
– branded all kinds of calendars
– folders
– notepads
– business cards
– etc.

Sales and marketing products

Sometimes sales processes need special printing solutions to impress customers, promote products or deliver brief information to potencial clients. To help in these cases we can design and provide:

– POS i PDQ displays
– presentation display boxes
– banners
– roll-ups
– billboards
– XXL posters
– foliage


This offer should meet interest of producers. Most products despite of having plastic or metal package demands right label to it, to describe characteristics of the product. It also helps to enhance product visual design by outstanding graphic.

– adhesive labels
– labels
– stickers
– cards
– imprinting barcodes

Marketing solutions

One of the main categories of printing services are paper marketing materials, which can have lots of different forms. Through these products, a client can read about services offered by the company or just realise his needs. Marketing solutions are very important to strengthen meaning of brand on the market. We help to achieve that goals by:

– leaflets
– paper bags
– catalogues
– brochures
– stickers
– posters
– invitations
– cards
– baloons
– tickets
– vouchers
– gift cards


Today it is really hard to imagine existing the product without proper packaging. It is essential design element that helps to improove volume of sales. On the the other hand, it is needful in transportation process. In some cases, a good wrapper can emphasise character of the product. Such an important element often demands special design and production techniques, which can be provided by our services.

– paper bags
– boxes
– blister packs
– coated cardboard boxes
– packs
– box separators
– sampling cards
– pillow boxes and gift boxes
– many more not listed above